2020 campaign

#LiberacionAnimalAhora #AlliberamentAnimalAra #AnimalLiberationNow

What are we going to do

When we rush through the corridors and platforms of the subway we are struck by a large number of advertisements, many times we do not pay conscious attention to them.

Often in these ads people are presented objectivizing them, used as a claim to sell and in many other ads the speciesism is normalized and invisible with phrases such as: “Piglets on sale”, “discounts on leather goods”, “3 × 1 on chicken breasts”, “eggs from” happy chickens “, etc.

What we want to do:

  • Exposing in the public space those who are daily invisible to the gaze of the human species.
  • To evidence of speciesism and its effects.
  • That people look the victims of their consumption habits in the eyes.
  • Put the focus on the victims.

Because they, the victims, cannot wait. Animal liberation is an urgency that must be attended to and understood in the now.


How are we going to do it

For this campaign, just as we did four years ago, in 2016, we are going to use the same tool as the other animal exploiters: advertising.

We have chosen, once again, to put an advertisement in a metro station in the center of Barcelona to carry out the action, hoping that it will motivate more people to do the same elsewhere. Barcelona, ​​being a cosmopolitan city, is ideal for this type of action because it has a large flow of people on the move, whether due to migration, tourism, business, etc.

The Barcelona metro network is the second largest in Spain, with more than 411 million users in 2014 (data from Publimaps).

Ad Features

The idea is to place an advertisement of 1.96 x 2.96 m, for 6 months, in a metro station with the aim of multiplying the impact.

The price of the space is € 1,521. + VAT for 6 months (total price: 1,840.41).

According to Publimaps data, the traffic at Plaça Catalunya station is 1,505,035 people on a monthly average; in Sants it is 891,458 people and in Urquinaona it is 607,759. We will provide the advertising documentation to anyone who is interested in participating in the campaign.

The slogan “Animal Liberation Now!” Will appear in the advertisement and this website, which we will be completing to provide information to interested people with links related to animal liberation, anti-speciesism and veganism. Thanks to this micro web we will be able to obtain data on the transit of people and improve future campaigns.

The image that will appear announced is a photograph of a mother sow that is locked up with her babies, provided by the photographer Aitor Garmendia (@traslosmuros) derived from his research and documentation project.

Can you imagine seeing that image in the midst of advertising about clubs, lawyers, various companies?

You can read more information about why this image was chosen on the page:

The advertisement image


Funding the ad

We are going to finance this action through a crowdfunding campaign, that is, with the sum of individual contributions from people and groups who want to collaborate with the initiative.

As soon as the amount is collected, the space available with the highest number of people will be reserved.

In this campaign, every donation counts. If you can’t donate, please always share. Because you already know that they, the other animals, cannot wait. Let’s fight for animal liberation.




Here the link to the 2020 campaign on the gofundme platform.

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