The campaign

Like four years ago, in 2016, when the first campaign focused on the bovine species was carried out, the one that we are now developing has, among its objectives, to make visible and bear witness to what happens to other animals, this time to the porcine species.

A relevant idea of ​​the current campaign is that the importance of the question that other animals do not need the so-called “animal welfare”, nor larger cages or other different and far items from what concerns a clear objective which is: its liberation, animal liberation.

The topics created around animal welfare are not part of the campaign’s raison d’être because they only serve to confuse, to misinterpret what is fundamental in veganism, which is not to consume any product that comes from animal exploitation. Because, under whatever conditions, animal slavery is always slavery and chains, long or short, legitimize the reification of all animal species.

Given all this, the message is and will be Animal Liberation Now! 

You can follow and support the campaign with hashtags:

#LiberacionAnimalAhora | #AlliberamentAnimalAra | #AnimalLiberationNow


Explanation of the development of the campaign

Creation of the campaign

February 11, 2020, thereafter donations are received until the beginning of May, when the last donation is registered. For 3 more months the campaign remains open but no contribution is recorded. The campaign closes on August 4, 2020.

The campaign had 72 donors, 1.7 was shared and had 72 followers.

  • Collection target: 2,100 euros
  • Final collection: 1,206 euros

Justification of the use of the rest of the campaign funds

1st Justification of the collection

Total raised 1,206.00 euros
Bank account maintenance expenses (May 20) – 40.70 euros
GofundMe / Bank transfer expenses – 55.87 euros
Resulting liquid 1,109.43 euros
FGC MUPI* contract at Plaça de Catalunya station (up to 02/09/2020) – 937.75 euros
Bank transfer expenses – 6.00 euros
Resulting liquid 165.68 euros
  • FGC accepts the image and MUPI (spanish acronym for Urban furniture for information) is hired for 3 weeks, from August 11 to 25 and a free week from August 26 to September 2. Located at the FGC station in Plaça de Catalunya.

2nd Justification of the collection

Purchase of stickers ** – 121.00 euros
Bank commission for transfer for the invoice payment – 6.00 euros
Bank account closing campaign 03/09/2020 – 38.81 euros
Balance – 0.13 euros

** with the campaign image to give continuity to the dissemination of the action. They will be distributed free of charge.  


Campaign development

The organizers of the Animal Liberation Now! We want to explain the reasons that have led to substantial changes in the approach to the planned action at the beginning of the campaign.

  • The first obstacle was the pandemic, Covid19. As of the confinement, donations were significantly reduced, thus the possibilities of getting closer to the goal of hiring for 6 months. The virality of the campaign was also reduced.
  • On the other hand, the campaign manifesto, which was sent to the media, received zero attention.
  • The campaign was kept open while waiting to find a better opportunity to manage the issue, to obtain more donations and to contract what was desired, but none of these objectives could be achieved due to, as has been said, that no more donations were received.
  • Once the confinement was finished, the search for spaces in the Barcelona Metro facilities began, but a company known in the 2016 campaign was not operating and another was asked if they accepted the order but then we encountered the following obstacle: TMB did not accepted the image.
  • An intercity bus line was searched that seemed to accept the proposal until they saw the image and also rejected it.
  • Finally, the image has been accepted by FGC (whose cost, type and timing are those specified at the beginning).

Our objective has been at all times to be able to carry out the planned action, but the anomalous conditions (Covid19) as well as the meager donations have not allowed it. Even so, we want to highlight the tremendous speciesism prevailing that has prevented the image of the campaign from being seen in the desired location.

Thanks to all of you who have collaborated in the campaign through your important donations and for sharing it so that it goes as far as possible. Thanks also to the colleague who has adapted the image to the graphic needs to create the posters and to the colleague who has been in charge of the web.

Today the objective has decreased, since we will only maintain the MUPI for four weeks, but we must feel that our work, that of all the people involved, has achieved that many users of the FGC transport can see the image of the mother sow forced to give birth and feed piglets who will be tortured from a very young age to be sent to the slaughterhouse because the only thing that interests this speciesist society in which/ with which we live, is to exploit the other animals. That is why we will not tire of continuing with our struggle, of questioning and repeating: the other animals cannot wait, let’s fight for animal liberation.



2020 campaign

  • What we are going to do: we want to expose in the public space those who are daily invisible to the gaze of the human species
  • How we are going to do it: we are going to put an advertisement in a metro station in the center of Barcelona
  • Characteristics of the ad: 1.96 x 2.96m ad, for 6 months, in a Barcelona metro station
  • Funding the ad: through a crowdfunding campaign on the gofundme platform [continue reading]

The advertisement image

The image that will appear announced is a photograph of a mother sow that is locked up with her babies, provided by the photographer Aitor Garmendia (@traslosmuros) derived from his research and documentation project.

Can you imagine seeing that image in the midst of advertising about clubs, lawyers, various companies? [continue reading]

Campaign 2016

In 2016, the same action was carried out to place an advertisement. In a few hours enough money was raised. [continue reading – in spanish]

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